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Submitted jobs can be viewed by clicking on the 'jobs' menu item. Jobs can be either queries or export jobs. The status column indicates the current state of execution. If a job is 'scheduled' it means it is in the queue but the scheduled has not picked it up yet. 'Executing' means the job is under processing.

Query jobs

Every single query is compiled into a job regardless of its complexity. Because of this, even quick jobs can take a couple of seconds to complete because the scheduler polls job queues one in a second for newly created jobs. Old query jobs retain an entire history of earlier queries.

Export jobs

Export jobs convert data tables into downloadable files. Export of large datasets can take a longer time. Exported files are kept on the web server for a week and get deleted afterwards.

Failed jobs

Jobs can either complete sucessfully or fail. Error information about failed jobs can be viewed by selecting the job and clicking on the 'Details' button. Certain error arise from wrong queries and correcting them is the responsibility of the user. Other errors can be infrastructural. All errors are logged and subseqently analyzed to perfect SkyQuery. If you think an error is infrastructural, you can send a direct email to the site operators and describe the circumstances.